Turnt Down For Wheat

Turnt Down For Wheat

ABV:4.7% IBU: 8

This description could pretty easily read “Nice and slightly tart.” But, let me elaborate. As American Wheats go this one expresses just the slightest note of crackers on the front, but otherwise glides seamlessly into crisp and refreshing. The nose carries just a hint of the lemon zest that we added at the end of the boil. No perceptible hop character comes through. The tartness from the zest is subtle; arguably you’d only notice it through the power of suggestion. Yeast contributions of a slightly fruit forward nature finish to make this ale a patio and summer friendly smash hit.

Water Break

Water Break

Water Break Pale Lager
ABV: 4.3% IBU: 11

A crisp spring and summer sipper that boasts what we like to call “Crushability.” Fermented cold on a German lager strain, and dashed with the most modest amounts of Mosaic hops to deliver a touch of tropical fruit on the finish. Easy drinkin’ and terrific flavor. On tap now! 

Meet Memberberries- Uptown Brewings Latest Release

Memberberries Pale was added to our Tap Lineup this past Thursday and it's a hit!

Blueberry Pale Ale ABV: 5.4% IBU: 43

A fine ale inoculated with the juice of berries that induce a euphoric state of nostalgia. Remember Pale Ales? This classic brew is finely bittered and finished with Simcoe and Topaz hops to deliver a decidedly dank aroma. Fermented with an American yeast strain for a flavor so clean that if you close your eyes and drink you’ll slip away to a time years ago when simply clean, hoppy beers were all the rage. Easy drinking and good times. Cheers.

The Folks at Portland Today got to try the Memberberries and loved it!

New Bottles

Happy New Year! Thank you all for the support last year, we couldn't do any of this without you!

   New beers of interest this week include the big, the bold, the ugly...well ok, maybe ugly is going too far: Dog Fish Head's World Wide Stout! This large and in charge stout weighs-in in the neighborhood of 18% ABV with a rich/full mouthfeel. Definitely celler-able, in a 12 oz bottle. Get em while they last.


pFriem Family Brewers just released the DIPA and the Mosaic Hop Pale, delicious classics from past years; in season now. Fremont's Seasonal Lush IPA is a new tasty treat from our friends up north. Victory's Java Cask is a rich and potent barrel-aged coffee ale. Finally Two offerings from Woodland Empires: Beast Moans, this years variant is an imperial stout with coconut, and Crispy Apple Turnover, an imperial brown ale with apples.