Hoppy Ciderfest at Uptown! 8/14


Hoppy Ciderfest at Uptown!

Hoppy Ciderfest will feature the best & hoppiest ciders of the Northwest! We'll be offering Swift Cider, Apple Outlaw, Red Tank Cider, Portland Cider Company, and of course, a brand new cider by Uptown Market (Cider by Hunter)! Hop-heads and cider lovers alike will be able to indulge in a wide range of flavors ranging from the sweet and fruity to the piney and citrusy. This Friday, August 14th from 5pm to 8pm.

Crawfish Boil at Uptown

We're having a good old fashioned Crawfish Boil! All you can eat crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob and andouille sausage with french bread at Uptown Market on Scholls Ferry.  August 5th.

Tickets are on sale NOW and are very limited. $20 for Mug Club Members and $25 for Non-Mug Club members. Stop by either location or call in to purchase yours!

Ordnance Brewing Tasting 7/24


This Friday at Uptown on Scholls Ferry, get ready to try some new beers from Ordnance Brewing! "Ordnance is a ghost town in Umatilla County that was established in 1943, nestled between Hermiston and Boardman, Oregon. The town was named after the military depot and the community that worked there and raised their families. By the 1960's, after the war, it was no longer a community.

Now Ordnance is back and has evolved into a craft brewery, established in 2014, located in Boardman, Oregon.

The new life of Ordnance is left with the mission to spread the love of beer."



Tasting at Uptown Market from 5pm to 8 pm on Friday, July 24th.

Mendocino Tasting 6/19


It started as a dream...  Or maybe a flashback.  Back to the days of the hometown brewery…before Prohibition. A time and a place where citizens in towns and districts all over America rallied around beer that was theirs.  Beer that was crafted for them, in accordance to their tastes. Beer that was an expression of their lives and passion.  This passion, in a tiny tucked away town aptly called Hopland, drove the dream into existence in the humble but intrepid foundation of the Mendocino Brewing Company on August 14th 1983.

The Hopland Brewery was the first brewpub opened in California (2nd in the US) after the repeal of the 18th Amendment (by the 21st Amendment) in 1933. The passion, it seems, was a shared one (currently there are about 1500 craft breweries in operation in the United States).  It did not take long for the Hopland Brewery to become a landmark, a point of pilgrimage on famed California Highway 101 (“take the Golden Gate Bridge out of town for 2 hours; the brewery is on the right”).

It’s been a long strange trip from Hopland in 1983.  We’ve trekked from a 1983 production of about 400 barrels (5500 case equivalent) to the current production of about 75,000 barrels (over one million cases)…from distribution over the bar in Hopland to nearly nationwide distribution in countless stores, restaurants, bars and tap houses.  As we roll into the second decade of a new century, we’ve come from making a handful of ales to the manufacture and distribution our Seasonal Releases, the new Imperial Series, (IPA, Stout & Barleywine) Organic Ale and Lagers (under our Butte Creek Label), our industry jarring Cast-of-Hawk “mix-packs” and an ever-growing number of contracts brewed for other entities (a growing industry trend).  Currently, Mendocino Brewing is responsible for the production of well over 20 nationally recognized labels.


Tasting at Uptown Market this Friday, June 19th from 4:30 to 7:30.

Portland Cider Co. 6/25



portland ciderco

"What do you do when you’re frustrated by the quality of the commercial cider available?  You start making your own!  What do you do when friends and family keep telling you it’s the best cider they’ve ever had?  You start a business!  That is the essence of how the Portland Cider Company got its start.  Founded by Jeff Parrish, an Oregon native, and his wife Lynda, an ex-patriot from the Somerset region of England (the Mecca of cider), the Portland Cider Company is based on the belief that good cider comes from good fruit, honest practices, and attention to detail.

Our cider starts with fresh pressed juice from Northwest grown apples.  We then carefully ferment it using yeast that protects the delicate characteristics of the fruit.  The results are cider blends that are easy to drink, refreshing, and downright delicious.  Drink it, it’s good!"

-Portland Cider Co.

Tasting at Uptown Market Beaverton on Thursday, June 25th from 5pm to 8pm.

Silver Moon Tasting 6/26



"Silver Moon Brewery has a profound history with Bend, Oregon. What started as Bend's first brew shop evolved into Bend's 3rd local brewery and tasting room, as well as the only brewery that doubled as a speakeasy.

As residents of Bend know, friendships are born at brew events. It was at a craft beer event in 2009 that former owner Tyler Reichart met Matt Barrett and James Watts. Over time, an idea was planted and formulated. Soon after, Matt and James turned a small dream to solid reality by becoming the new owners of Silver Moon Brewery.

Matt and James plan to honor the grounded roots of Silver Moon by continuing to brew extraordinary beer, hosting local music, and celebrating the people that made the pub what it is today.

The trio took over the brewery in July 2013, bringing with them a branding which signifies the new lunar phase in Silver Moon's journey. And while Matt and James are planning a modest remodel of the taproom, they will keep the music scene alive as well as continue to explore the art of craft brewing. They are also excited to give back to the community by being involved in local non-profits.

Silver Moon Brewing would love to thank all of our fans, followers, hop enthusiasts, and beer eccentrics alike. You are the reason we keep on brewing. "

-Silver Moon

Tasting at Uptown Market Beaverton on Friday, June 26th from 5pm- 8pm.

Elysian Tasting 6/11



The Elysian was founded in 1995 by principals Dick Cantwell, Joe Bisacca and David Buhler. Our first Seattle location, a 220-seat beer hall and our main brewery, opened in 1996 on Capitol Hill, Seattle’s most populous neighborhood. In 1997 Elysian was chosen to operate a pub and small brewery at Gameworks—a large entertainment complex owned by Universal Studios, Dreamworks & Sega. Elysian left this partnership in 2002 upon expiration of the five-year contract. A short year later Elysian opened TangleTown, an 80-seat neighborhood brewery/bistro. With a 3-bbl pilot brewery, Elysian-TangleTown acted as the brewers’ test kitchen, fueling the creative fires and helping cement Elysian’s reputation as Seattle’s top brewpub. The most recent addition to the Elysian empire, Elysian Fields, opened in August 2006. Perched next to Seattle’s two sports arenas, Fields seats 400 and packs the house at lunch and on gamedays. It is typical for us to offer over twenty different Elysian beers between the three locations.

From our very first day, when we poured the beers of each of the breweries we had all worked at in the past alongside our own beer, Elysian has honored the efforts of other brewers and brewing cultures. Uniquely among brewpubs, we have offered rare German and Belgian beers at our own taps along with those of our friends, some of whom at times have joined us to brew special commemorative beers. In a way our collaboration with New Belgium is a development of this spirit of fun and mutual respect. From 2008 to early 2011 we were able to produce large batches of our Immortal IPA and seasonal specialties at the New Belgium facility in Fort Collins, and New Belgium’s brewers would produce small-batch, experimental beers in their “Trip” series at our Capitol Hill brewery. In fall 2011, we opened our new production brewery in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, allowing us to bring all our brewing back to our hometown. Despite this change, The Trip series and the spirit of collaboration continue on. We look forward to further growth and innovation in our brewing adventures as we devise not only new and interesting beers, but a new and interesting future for the craft brewing industry.

Tasting at Uptown Market on Thursday, June 11th, from 5pm-8pm

Worthy Brewing 6/10

worthy brew  

The Brewery

Worthy Brewing is going big.  We hit the ground running as a production brewery with the capacity to brew 60,000 barrels from the get go.  With about 22,000 square feet of  floor space and an average ceiling height of 35 feet, we’ll have plenty of room to grow in.

Pilot Brew System

WBC will experiment with new ingredients and new recipes on our 5 barrel pilot brew system. Our goal is to cook up 2 to 3 unique beers a month.

Production Brew System

Recipes that survive our rigorous testing will graduate to our big boy 30 US barrel (930 gallon) 4 vessel steam-fired system. This brewhouse will be capable of producing approximately 240 bbls of beer in a 24 hour period, and about 60,000 barrels per year with minimal upgrades.

Fermentation Tanks

Fermentation will initially consist of the following: 4 x 30 barrel uni-tank fermenters 2 x 60 barrel uni-tank fermenters

Canning  Line

Yes, we can!  - We will produce 12 and 16 ounce cans from our Italian made Vimercati 4000 cph  “Top Can” Model.  This beauty has 14 filling heads and 1 seamer. The line as currently configured is capable of filling 3,000 12 oz cans per hour.  We like bottles, but as a flavor-centric brewery, we are enticed by the research showing that cans do a better job of protecting volatile hop oils, where the flavor resides. Hop oil is a terrible thing to oxidize.

Tasting at Uptown Market on Wednesday, June 10th from 5pm - 8pm


Hop Valley Tasting 5/21



Our original idea was pretty simple.  Four lifelong Oregonians with knowledge of the local beer market and a better understanding of craft beer just wanted to make some good beer. We found the perfect place to start smack dab in the middle of the old hop central, and the rest is history, albeit a very short history.


We never anticipated it would turn out this way so soon – rapid expansion, two locations, statewide distribution and lots of great-tasting, award-winning beer.

Tasting this Thursday at Uptown from 5pm-8pm

Natian Brewing 5/28


natianbrew "First brewery in Portland, Oregon to package beer in aluminum cans! We are now operating on a 10bbl system after upgrading from our little 1bbl nano-brewery. After 3 years of churning out tiny, little, mini “nano” batches on a non-stop basis, we actually get to have a little time left over for events and minor necessities like sleep.

Located near the NE Sandy Blvd/Burnside intersection we’re brewing away in the big bay windows you pass right when Sandy turns into Couch St. We are monkeys on display through the brewery windows & are always willing to put on a show for anyone that stops by to peer/leer/stare in.

Due to our recently increased size, we are being found in more and more locations around Portland and the surrounding areas, including Vancouver WA. But wait, there’s more! We are also available statewide in Pennsylvania!

To keep updated on what’s offered and where, please check out the “On Tap!” page in which we try to keep as updated as humanly possible.

Even though you may have to go out of your way to grab a pint, we hope you enjoy it!"

-Natian Brewing

Tasting at Uptown on May 28th from 5pm-8pm

Epic 5/29



Epic Brewing Company opened in Salt Lake City, Utah with six fermentation tanks giving it the flexibility to create a variety of small batch, artisanal beer. Within a few short months, Epic began earning medals for its beers domestically and internationally. The beer became a big hit with locals and out of state visitors alike and demand quickly increased. The brewery currently houses eight times its original fermentation space.

Three years later, in 2013, Epic expanded its brewery operations into Colorado by opening a second brewery in the River North district of downtown Denver. The Denver brewery offered enough space to support growing national distribution, expansion of the popular barrel aged beer program and the introduction of a line of sour beers. Along with these improvements the addition of a “proper” tap room featuring 25 taps was a long awaited realization, allowing Epic to feature its substantial beer selection on draught.

Despite the rapid expansion and increase in production volume Epic Brewing has stayed committed to its founding principal of small batch, artisanal beer. Every batch released in the Elevated and Exponential series is numbered, stamped, and release information is published online. Currently brewing 39 plus beers Epic believes there is a beer for every person and every occasion.

Tasting at Uptown Market on Friday, May 29th from 5pm-8pm

Fish, Spire & Leavenworth 6/4



From its home in beautiful Olympia, Washington, Fish Brewing Company has been hand-crafting ales of Northwest proportions since 1993. Founded by Crayne and Mary Horton and a few dozen local investors, Fish began operations humbly. With a 15-barrel brew house, two 15-barrel fermenters, and one dairy tank, we brewed for our neighbors up and down Puget Sound. Growing steadily since, Fish is now an award-winning craft brewer with distribution throughout the great Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Tasting at Uptown Market on Thursday, June 4th, from 5pm-8pm

Woodchuck Cider Tasting 6/5



"It may sound hard to believe, but when you spend 23 years crafting cider it becomes more than just a job.  We like to think of ourselves as modern day craftsmen, and we believe in what we do.  So while most of our bigger competitors spend a lot of time and money on all of the things that go on outside their bottles (advertisements, promotions, Clydesdales) the hundred or so of us here in Middlebury will just keep focusing on what goes on inside our bottles."

-Woodchuck Cider


Tasting at Uptown Market on Friday, June 5th from 5pm-8pm

Wicked Cider 5/8


Using the very best apples from Washington State, we let the unique character of each apple variety guide our crafting,  resulting in our sinfully delicious varietals.  d’s ciders are crisp with the freshness of just picked apples, not too sweet, not too tart, just playful layers of flavor that are just plain WICKED GOOD.

d’s  ciders are naturally gluten free, rough filtered to maintain the richest apple flavor, contain no colorants, and use natural ingredients.
Tasting at Uptown Market Friday, May 8th from 5pm-8pm.  Come out to try some delicious new ciders from Washington!

Pyramid Tasting 5/7



Pyramid Welcomes You Back to Summer Beers!

As a toast to summer’s return, we’re releasing a bevy of beers that are the perfect complement to hot temps and cool shade. First up is our crisp and refreshing Curve Ball –proof that blondes are more fun. We’re also releasing a new Alehouse Flight Pack, brimming with a selection of beers paired together by the Cicerone Certified Beer Servers at our Alehouses. Summer’s Flight Pack features the award-winning Apricot Ale, our variety pack-only Honey Bock, Curve Ball and our newest year-round offering, IPA. Finally, we bring you hops. Our summer Brewer’s Reserve is H7 Imperial IPA, full of the citrus flavors and aromas from 7 varieties of hops. Drink up and cool down!


Tasting at Uptown Market from 5pm to 8pm!

Washington Gold Cider 4/24

About Washington Gold Hard Cider
The color of this cider is a beautiful pale-straw while the delicious aromas and flavors are robust and balanced as you would expect from the cool climate orchards of eastern Washington. Fragrant apple pie and fermented apple notes form a great presentation.
As you sip this cider, imagine yourself among the apple trees during the fall harvest. This cider matches perfectly with seafood and poultry and would complement fruit salads as well. It also pairs nicely with cold sandwiches, fresh fruits or served slightly warmed with a dash of cinnamon on a chilly evening.
One to three years of cellar potential exist with this still (non-carbonated) cider.
Tasting at Uptown from 5pm- 8pm

Finn River Cider 5/14


finn riv  

Finn River Cider's Mission:


"At Finnriver, we are striving to create deep-rooted and fruitful connections to the land we farm and to our community as a whole.

We seek to 'serve the land with cider' by earnestly pursuing our vision of a healthy food culture and restored rural farm communities through organic food production, human-scale value added processing, local economics, land conservation, habitat restoration, alternative energy and community education, outreach and celebration.

We are grateful to be an integral part of a rural agricultural renaissance in our community and are committed to the social, economic and ecological revitalization of Chimacum."

Check out these awesome artisanal ciders on Thursday, May 14th from 5pm-8pm

No-Li Tasting 4/23



Back in the 1980s, when craft beer was still called microbrew or that weird hippy beer, Mark Irvin fell in love.  First, as a military brat living with his family and getting a taste of the rich beer culture of Germany, then as a homebrewer, and then on to brewing for Coeur d’Alene Brewing and Hale’s Ales, Mark fell head over heels for the art and science of brewing beer with character.

In 1993, after years of invaluable brewhouse experience, Mark decided to crack the top on his own small venture, Northern Lights Brewing Company, in his native Spokane.  “I could have brewed in Seattle, but I never could have passed up the chance to brew in my hometown and create my own independent style,” says Irvin.

Whether you’ve been drinking Northern Lights since 1993 or you’re imbibing in your first ever No-Li ale, Mark, John and the crew hope the pride they have in their craft and in their hometown shines through.

Payette Brewing Tasting 4/24


payette Mike Francis left the corporate life as an industrial engineer for Boeing Company in Seattle to engineer some industry of his own. After receiving an associate's degree in Brewing Technology from Chicago's Siebel Institute of Technology, followed by a stint at Schooner Exact Brewing in Seattle, Mike headed to his home turf of Boise in 2010 to establish Payette Brewing Company.

We chose the name Payette because it fits the way we live and work. Francois Payette was a French Canadian trapper whose name and memory is enshrined among numerous Idaho landmarks. The name has since become synonymous with an adventurous spirit that pervades Idaho's year-round outdoor lifestyle.

Tasting at Uptown Market from 5pm-8pm


Gresser Wine Tasting 4/25



Gresser Vineyard was founded in 1998 when the first grapes were planted.  It was established by Paul Gates and his wife.

Paul grew up in California wine country, and started his lifetime's preoccupation with wine by helping to prune his fathers small vineyard at an early age.  He worked various wine jobs in California including sales, field hand, wine store clerk and assistant winemaker.  After receiving his enology degree from California State University Fresno, Paul moved to northwest Oregon and over the years worked as winemaker at several wineries in the region.  He began looking for the ideal place to grow Pinot Noir, and found it in the rolling foothills southwest of Portland.  He named it Gresser Vineyard after his maternal great-grandmother, of German descent.

Paul and his 2 oldest sons do the majority of the vineyard work, except during harvest, when hired workers often assist.  Even the youngest family member can help in the fall by making loud noises to scare birds away from the ripening grapes.


Tasting at Uptown from 3pm tp 6pm