First Thursday EVENT! Cole Rogers, Casa Bruno Wine, 2 towns Cider and Lemma Wine


Cole Rogers will be in this thursday to present his art!  Come in for a great show, great art and of course great wine and beer!  Show a big welcome for this talented artist!  We will have Casa Bruno Wine Company, Lemma Wine Company and 2 Towns Cider!  EXCITING!


A little bit about Cole:

I am a 26 year old conceptual artist from Newberg OR.  I was born in San Diego CA and moved to Newberg at the age of 5, with my parents and 4 siblings.  I have 3 sisters and a brother, I am child number 3.  My two older sisters live around here in the Portland area, and my  younger sister lives in Portland as well.  My little brother lives with my folks in Newberg, goes to PCC, and works for my family's coffee shop and bookstore.  I am a graduate of Linfield College in McMinnville OR.  I played College Football for the Linfield Wildcats for 4 years at Running Back, and helped take our team the Semi Finals of the National Championship my senior season.  More importantly I focused on Business in College, and ended up with a Bachelors in Business Administration.  Along the way I got enrolled in a class called History of Visual Culture, where I learned the cultural impact Art made on society all over the world.  Taking this class got me addicted to learning about Art, and visual culture in general.

I have worked for my parents at the cofffee shop throughout College and High School, and recently started working as a recruiter for a College in Kansas that has an online program I represent in the Portland Area.  I am in a contract that will expire in winter, and I will decide whether to continue or move on to a new avenue.  I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on a daily basis as a way to improve myself physically and spiritually, and compete for the Impact Jiu Jitsu team regularly at tournaments.  I am an extremely competitive person, who enjoys challenging myself in a variety of ways.

Since taking that class I took a variety of other conceptual classes, but only had a couple of studio classes by the time I graduated.  After college I still had the drive to learn about how imagery affects us as humans, so I started to conceptualize a lot of pieces myself.  Most of my stuff is very abstract and starts with a blank mind where I can let my hand decide what happens.  I just start doodling and after a few hours I decide when I'm done.  I often like to work in pen and ink so I have to correct my  mistakes by creating more rather than erasing.  I also use pencil for some of the more detail pieces I have worked on.  Some of my favorites are pen and ink drawings that have been scanned into digital form, and filled in with color on Photoshop.

I am obsessed with the concept of balance, and it reflects in my pieces often.  I also am very spiritual in my approach to my art, I do not create unless I really feel like I have something inside of me I want to express.  I believe art should be an honest expression of self that comes from within.  True creation is from the brain, and the ability to accurately take whats in the brain to the image is what I am interested in.  I would rather see a poor drawing that expresses creativity, than photo-realist piece that was copied from still life.  My favorite artist of all time is Salvador Dali.  He was an artist who created from his true sub conscious, and had the artistic talent to amaze with his images.