First Thursday TODAY at Uptown Market


First Thursday Art, Music, And Wine! 6/6/13 6pm to Close. Wine tasting with Trinchero,

Music by GUS!

Art by Randy Johnston: Walls and Doors I am always fascinated when I see an amazing door or wall. This collection is my vision of the various walls and doors, both physical and metaphoric, that I encounter daily. When I see a particularly interesting door or gate, it really stokes my imagination. I wonder what will happen if I choose to open that door or gate . . . will I find a wonderland on the other side, or maybe I'll step back in time to a period indicative of the day that door or gate was first mounted upon it's hinges? My mind runs wild with possibilities. And those walls . . . There is nothing more exciting then turning the corner and finding a wall of such fascination that I am halted in my tracks and unable to move until I have inspected every inch. My mind is overwhelmed with images of when that wall was erected, and if it could talk, what did it see in times past? I hope this collection will provoke you to ponder the possibilities of discovery beyond the doors and walls you encounter in your daily life. Thank you for taking the time to explore my collection. —Randy Johnston