Green Flash Tasting 11/22


Green Flash tasting on Friday, November 22 right here at Uptown Market!  Stop by from 5pm to 8pm! green-flash-logo

"Mike and Lisa Hinkley took their interest in the craft beer industry to a new level in 2002 when they founded Green Flash Brewing Company. Former pub owners, Mike and Lisa jumped into brewing, and in 2004 renowned brewmaster Chuck Silva joined the team.

With Chuck on board we began brewing premium style beers, modern twists on traditional styles, and our beers began to develop a following. Cutting edge brews, Green Flash Brewing Company’s beers don’t fit traditional guidelines, instead we let our hybrid, benchmark beers blaze their own trail.

Located in San Diego, CA, we specialize in brewing assertive and distinctive beers, such as our West Coast I.P.A.: an award-winning beer whose wide acceptance has helped define a category. We also brew seasonal, collaborative and barrel-aged beers.

Our award-winning beers are on draft and bottled and are available throughout the United States in bars, restaurants and retail outlets.

We take craft brewing very seriously. We are brewing trailblazers and we believe in continuously evolving. Above all we champion the enlightened beer drinker. The Flash of Genius stories shed a (green) light on the rich heritage, flavor complexities and detailed process poured into our quality beers. Drink the beers, learn the story, taste enlightenment."

-Green Flash Brewing Company