HOPVALLEYY If you were paying attention in hop history class, you know that Lane County was once the hot bed for hop growing.  


Oregon’s first commercial hop-growing operation was started in Buena Vista (Polk County) in 1867, but by 1880 most of the state’s hops were being grown in Springfield.  In fact, the original Hop Valley Brewery and Restaurant was built on land that once was the epicenter of the hop-growing world.  In addition to Springfield, hops were being grown in Santa Clara, Crow, Coburg and Goshen. (Legend has it this is where the phrase “a hopping place” originated, but it is our legend and thus is, more than likely, a complete fabrication.)

And we at Hop Valley are proud to use their hops in our beers.  That’s the way it has been since we opened the doors to our original brewery on Springfield’s hop-hallowed grounds Friday, February 13, 2009.

Friday the 13th, we know, right?  Perfect day to start a business.  But if we have accomplished nothing else at Hop Valley, we have at least demonstrated that even the worst timing can’t doom the best ideas.

Our original idea was pretty simple.  Four lifelong Oregonians with knowledge of the local beer market and a better understanding of craft beer just wanted to make some good beer. We found the perfect place to start smack dab in the middle of the old hop central, and the rest is history, albeit a very short history.


We never anticipated it would turn out this way so soon – rapid expansion, two locations, statewide distribution and lots of great-tasting, award-winning beer.


Join us this Friday at Uptown Market for a tasting of epic proportions!  Get ready for an 11 beer tap takeover featuring the brews of Hop Valley.

Tasting starts at 5pm.  Be there or be square!