Kalamath Basin Brewing 9/5


Klamath Basin Brewing Company was founded in January 2001 by friends Lonnie Clement and Del Azevedo. The dream was to brew fine handcrafted ales.  After renovating Lonnie Clements’ garage into a licensed and permitted commercial brewery, they started brewing commercial ales in a brewing system they built themselves. The brewing company began to produce saleable ales. klamath

With still more dreams of growth, the two purchased an old creamery in downtown Klamath Falls. After two and a half years of work to gain community support and develop a business plan,  the property was ready for renovation to begin.  The newly renovated building would house both a brewery and a restaurant.  February 2005, The Creamery Brewpub and Grill and Klamath Basin Brewing, Inc.  opened their doors to the public.


Tasting at Uptown Market September 5th, from 5pm-8pm