No-Li Tasting 4/23



Back in the 1980s, when craft beer was still called microbrew or that weird hippy beer, Mark Irvin fell in love.  First, as a military brat living with his family and getting a taste of the rich beer culture of Germany, then as a homebrewer, and then on to brewing for Coeur d’Alene Brewing and Hale’s Ales, Mark fell head over heels for the art and science of brewing beer with character.

In 1993, after years of invaluable brewhouse experience, Mark decided to crack the top on his own small venture, Northern Lights Brewing Company, in his native Spokane.  “I could have brewed in Seattle, but I never could have passed up the chance to brew in my hometown and create my own independent style,” says Irvin.

Whether you’ve been drinking Northern Lights since 1993 or you’re imbibing in your first ever No-Li ale, Mark, John and the crew hope the pride they have in their craft and in their hometown shines through.