Worthy Brewing 6/10

worthy brew  

The Brewery

Worthy Brewing is going big.  We hit the ground running as a production brewery with the capacity to brew 60,000 barrels from the get go.  With about 22,000 square feet of  floor space and an average ceiling height of 35 feet, we’ll have plenty of room to grow in.

Pilot Brew System

WBC will experiment with new ingredients and new recipes on our 5 barrel pilot brew system. Our goal is to cook up 2 to 3 unique beers a month.

Production Brew System

Recipes that survive our rigorous testing will graduate to our big boy 30 US barrel (930 gallon) 4 vessel steam-fired system. This brewhouse will be capable of producing approximately 240 bbls of beer in a 24 hour period, and about 60,000 barrels per year with minimal upgrades.

Fermentation Tanks

Fermentation will initially consist of the following: 4 x 30 barrel uni-tank fermenters 2 x 60 barrel uni-tank fermenters

Canning  Line

Yes, we can!  - We will produce 12 and 16 ounce cans from our Italian made Vimercati 4000 cph  “Top Can” Model.  This beauty has 14 filling heads and 1 seamer. The line as currently configured is capable of filling 3,000 12 oz cans per hour.  We like bottles, but as a flavor-centric brewery, we are enticed by the research showing that cans do a better job of protecting volatile hop oils, where the flavor resides. Hop oil is a terrible thing to oxidize.

Tasting at Uptown Market on Wednesday, June 10th from 5pm - 8pm