Beer Review! Smog City Coffee Porter

This beer review comes from Rob, a jack of all trades here at Uptown. He's done everything from bartending, assisting in the brewery and delivering Uptown Brewing kegs to our customers. But first and foremost he is a beer lover! Here is his review of Smog City Coffee Porter.

Smog City is a brewery out of L.A. And I recently had he pleasure of enjoying their coffee porter. Porters are some of most preferred beer styles and to say that I am a self-described coffee snob is an understatement. So to say the least this beer had a lot of high expectations especially with how highly regarded their other two beers that Uptown carries, Sabre-Toother Squirrel Amber & California Love Imperial Red, are. This beer exceeded expectations. The Coffee Porter is packed with 5lb of coffee and the richness shines through without leaving a gritty, heavy mouthfeel. This beer had a surprisingly mild bitterness from the coffee and a rich aroma that reminded me of a fresh dark roast I would brew for my morning coffee. I was impressed with how this beer defied dark beer stereotypes by being exceptionally not heavy and perfectly dry. I would recommend this beer to anyone wanting to try a new Porter and anyone who is new to diverse beer and knows they like coffee. I would definitely buy this beer again and am taking home the Imperial Red and  Amber tonight based solely on how impressive Smog City was.