Space Fruit- Get Some!

This addition of the Uptown Beer Review comes from Coby our faithful food cart lead and beer-tender at Scholls Ferry. Thanks for the review Coby!

Coalition Brewing, Portland OR.
Space Fruit: ABV:7% IBU: 50
American Style IPA

Space Fruit West Coast IPA really blew me away with the first look of the beer.  It poured smoothly with a clear light orange hue of color, leaving a frothy white head that leaves a good amount of lacing. During the spring harvest primarily Coalition gets a bountiful amount of five different fruit zests that gives you a wonderful aroma of citrus in addition to the hops.

The minimal amount of fruit juice does not overpower the beer and gives it a great balance without leaving a sour aftertaste behind.  It's definitely a nicely balanced IPA with a flavorful but not dominating malt body and great citrus hops and citrus flavors.

From the sight of the color with the extracts of fruit floating in it to its heavenly citrusy smell that leaves you wanting more to enjoy, this beer is most certainly a crowd pleaser.  The light and welcoming mouthfeel and balance really left my taste buds wanting more of this beverage.

I would recommend this beer to anyone that enjoys the fine taste of hops with a hint of citrus that's not too sour for the palate.