Beer Review-The Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout

This weeks beer review comes from me (Liz) Uptown's CheersLeader/Marketing Director. I'm lucky enough to get to go between both locations meeting people and drinking fantastic beer. I've now had Yeti at both my home and Lake Oswego because I forgot to take a picture the first time... I excel at my job. As I'm not a regular stout drinker myself I took the recommendation from one of our staff and tried Great Divide Brewing Co.-Yeti Imperial Stout and attempted a serious review. Let's get to it!

Style: Russian Imperial Stout ABV 9.5% 75 IBU

Poured into my giant wine glass this jet black stout has a creamy caramel colored head that lingers creating lacing that persists to the end of the glass. The sweet chocolate aroma is accentuated with coffee notes. The powerful roasty malt base leads into sweet caramel notes. As the beer warmed up roasted toffee and oak become more noticeable to the taste. The underlying bitterness of the self described “hefty” 75 IBUs are ever present while the mouth feel is full bodied with slight carbonation.

Overall this award winning Imperial Stout lives up to its reputation. Although the strong alcohol presence is clearly perceptible in the flavor, especially in the lingering aftertaste, I found this stout to be smooth and well balanced for its style. It was the perfect rich and tasty desert after a long of day of professional Facebooking! Cheers!