Beer Review: Saison de Lis

Saison de Lis

Belgian Style Ale brewed with chamomile flowers

By Perennial Artisan Ales

750 ml, 5% abv


This review comes from one of our owners, AJ! As always feel free to ask any of our bartenders and servers what they would recommend. We're your source for beer advice!

The first sip has a slight tart taste.   The second brings the experience of the effervescence throughout the mouth and then lingers and bounces off sour sides of the tongue.   The finish is actually smooth and soothing where the taste of the chamomile along with a slight bit of sweetness resides.  The nose of the beer exudes sweetness and not surprisingly, flowers.    

This beer has a good mouth feel as like many saisons and farmhouse ales.  The addition of the flower brings revealing notes of sweetness and tartness at the same time which is unique and fun.  This is definitely a beer for when the summer sun is out or along with a light dish of food such as fish or chicken.