Beer Review: OR FIGHT!

54-40 Brewing Company

Cascadian Dark Ale
ABV: 6.0% 60IBU

Pouring into a snifter, this ale takes on a very robust and deep crimson. A full yet subdued maltiness jumps forward when taking in its aromatics. Despite the darkened color, 54-40 Or Fight! is quite light on the tongue. When I close my eyes and sip this brew, the hoppy bitterness first takes hold of the front and sides of my tastebuds, mimicking a pale hop forward ale. However, this is quickly overlapped by a creamy malt finish that at first blankets the more bitter notes, before smothering them out with a hint of caramel and roasted whole-bean coffee. This is branded as a Cascadian Dark Ale, however I feel it tastes closer to an over-hopped ESB as it retains much of the hop-acidity, despite the sweetened malts.