Summer Beer Reviews!

Haley and Rob picked a bottle from our wide selection of craft beers. Here are their reviews!

Wingman Brewers |

Lime Gose 4%

Right now I am currently enjoying a Wingman Brewers "Lime Gose" (4% ABV, IBU unlisted). Wingman Brewers come from Tacoma Washington and offers other beers such as their Ace IPA as well as the P-51 Porter. Traditional Gose beers have the qualities of a beer with the grain bill being at least 50% wheat, lemon tartness, a salty quality, and sour finish from plenty of lactobacillus bacteria. This beer hit all the points right on the head. The first thing I noticed upon opening the beer was it's lime aroma that replaced the traditional lemon tart flavor and the hazy clarity from the wheat grain.  My first sip gave me a great sour flavor that did not make me pucker but still activated the tart part of my palette. Overall the flavor is not overwhelming lime but a good citrus flavor that compliments the sour finish. Trust to form this Gose has a minor salty finish that makes me think it would be best enjoyed after a day around the ocean served with a basket of fish and chips. This could also be served as a compliment to a nice fruit salad with watermelon or cantaloupe and would go excellently as a way to wash down a spicy Mexican dish. Cheers and enjoy beer drinkers! Feel free to ask me in the shop about this beer or any other recommendations!


VanDiest Früli Strawberry Beer |

Brouwerij Huyghe 4.1%

In celebration of summer, I chose to review Früli Strawberry Beer.  The bottle itself honestly wasn’t very appealing to me.  I’m normally not a huge fan of Belgian whites or sweet fruit beers, all of which are inscribed in strawberry red print on its round white label.  With a pop of a cork  I hoped for the best, and man was I in for a surprise.  From the moment that I poured the first amber drop into my glass, the aroma of strawberries filled my nose.  The flavor was that of a freshly picked garden strawberry.  Not the slightly green strawberry that one would find in a supermarket, but the plump, juicy, deep red berry at the peak of ripeness on the back of the vine.  The strawberry flavor is quite bold upfront but finishes nicely without too much carbonation, almost like drinking a strawberry wine.  The taste was sweet, but not in a fake artificial way that i find most strawberry drinks to be.  I would definitely recommend Früli Strawberry beer to anyone who needs a good summertime sipper, especially if they own a hammock and a sun hat to lounge in while indulging in this adult juice box of a beer.