Have You Tried Yowie Sour Ale by Wild Ride?

We have a beer review coming from our Beer-tender and craft beer enthusiast Brooklyn! 

The Yowie is a sour ale collaboration brew between Wild Ride Brewing and Widmer Brothers Brewing, surprisingly. Wild Ride has made their own name in the Oregon craft beer scene, and then they did a big collaboration project with one of the biggest craft breweries in Oregon craft beer history.

This beer pours in a golden glow in the bulbous snifter glass I like to drink out of at home. I was excited to try this beer at first because it was different kind of style from one of my favorite breweries in Oregon, as well as the interesting ingredients this beer had in store for me once I popped the top of the bottle. It has a perfect amount of sour in the taste without having your mouth turn in on itself inadvertently.

This beer was kettle-soured, with Lactobacillus added during the brew and allowed to sour in the tank. After the boil, rose hips were added which gives the beer a deeper level of complexity to the overall mouthfeel of the beer. And the last step of this beer was adding in Lychee fruit juice that created a sweetness and pop of tart.

The Yowie would be a great beer for those who haven’t had much exposure to sours and want to ease their way into this type of beer, or for those who want a refreshing pint!
— Brooklyn Di Raffaele