Uptown Brewing is Now Distributed in Washington!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Craig Stein Beverage to bring SW Washington a taste of Uptown.  Every brewery’s journey is unique. Some start off with a big name brewer, others have ambitious investors that help to build a state of the art facility and sometimes an incredible recipe can help spring board a brewery into the spotlight.


Uptown Market began as a humble bottle shop in 2011 with 6 taps. In the course of almost 5 years we’ve expanded to offer a variety of over 1000 bottle selections, 36 taps and our cozy brewery “on the other side of the wall”  is now producing over a five hundred barrels per year. Not bad for that bottle shop in Beaverton, or wait, is it in Portland?!

Most breweries will say they got their start because of a deep love of beer and that’s really all it boils down to, pun intended. We’ve experimented, we’ve made beer our customers love, some they’ve politely said “that’s nice” while pivoting to order something else. We’re beaming to say that now, when we pour an Uptown Brewing beer for a buyer or customer they usually pause, take a look at the glass in their hand and say, “Wow, that’s actually really great!”

The quality and consistency of our beer could only been attributed to our head brewer Tyler Staples, who had his one year anniversary with Uptown in June. His dedication to putting forward the best possible beers and maximizing our brewery’s capabilities has set Uptown up for this huge next step.

Tyler Staples, head brewer since June 2015.

Tyler Staples, head brewer since June 2015.


We’re very glad to be in the hands of Craig Stein Beverage while rolling out Uptown Brewing to Washington. They are a distributor who took the time to get to know our story, our beers and genuinely are excited to talk about our brand with their customers. It couldn’t be a better fit!

Join us in celebrating the next chapter up Uptown Brewing as we head over the Columbia to Tap Union Freehouse in Vancouver, Washington. We’re hosting a Tap Takeover tomorrow, Friday September 16, at 3pm.