OMSI After Dark- Come Try our Fresh Hop and Oatis Reddin!

Science is brewing! Don’t just drink beer, learn beer! At OMSI's 6th annual brewfest, sample beers from local breweries while learning how beer is made, how to grow hops and enjoy some fun beer tricks while you're at it!

Bar Bet Brain Teasers | How can you use scientific principles like Newton’s laws of motion, fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's Principle, and hydrogen bonding to trick your friends into paying for your drink? It’s easy if you know the answer.

Imploding Cans | Crush a can, not with your forehead, but with science!

Microbrew Under the Microscope | Take an up close look at commonly used ingredients for making beer including yeast, grain, hops, and more.

Mead Making I  A Modern Approach to an Ancient Craft