Beer Review-17 Mint Chocolate Stout, Perennial Artisian Ales

17 Mint Chocolate Stout

Perennial Artisan Ales

St. Louis Missouri


Ale brewed with cacao nibs and mint leaves


This beer was definitely picked on a whim while I was in the store craving something warm and satisfying during our recent snowmaggedon. The always-beautiful Perennial Artisan Ales bottles (750 ml) were practically glowing on one of the top shelves of Scholls Ferry. The mint chocolate stout sounded like the perfect desert after a slow cooker meal we had ready to go back at home.

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When poured into a small snifter this full-bodied stout was jet black, opaque and had practically no head. I was hit immediately with a strong minty aroma, it was almost like opening a box of thin mints! The texture of this imperial stout was quite viscous, however it did have a pleasant amount of carbonation that helped cut the syrupy thickness.


The use of natural mint is a wonderful addition to the stout as it has what I would call a fresh quality you don’t often get with a stout. Along with the mint the most prominent flavor is definitely chocolate, derived from the cacao nibs and ample amount of chocolate malt used. This beer has a nice desert like quality between the chewy quality of the texture and sweetness from the chocolate notes. It’s pleasant but let’s just say I was happy to have 3 other people to share this with, because it is a lot of minty sweetness to finish. It was unique and fun to bring out to try with friends!