New Year New Beer!

Meet the Newest Additions to the Uptown Brewing Family!


Bees?!? Blonde 4.8% 12 IBU American Blonde Ale
“Honey Blonde” isn’t a misnomer, per say. We opted to use honey malts instead of actual honey as the malts carry a much stronger aroma and flavor than actual honey which ferments almost completely in beer (drying it out and boosting alcohol and we didn’t want either of those things to happen). Light and refreshing with slight breadiness this is an easy sipper for anyone looking to tip back a pint that isn’t overbearing or heavy.

Red'N'Breakfast 7.1% 57 IBU Imperial Coffee Red

Get your coffee buzz and beer buzz knocked out in one fell swoop with this malty delight. A delicious red accented by the fruit forward Honduran beans roasted by our friends in the southeast at Cellar Door Roasters. We cracked this fragrant, flavorful beans ever so slightly and added them straight to the beer for a cold-press effect: low acidity, low bitterness, smooth-as-blues coffee. The result has been a smash hit at both of our locations.

On Tap at both locations!