Beer Review-Urban Family Brewery, Gentleman Caller

Gentleman Caller - Urban Family Brewery

6% dry hopped sour ale w/ Belma, Simcoe, and Hüell Melon Hops

Lee's on the bottom, so poured with caution.

A Hazy deep golden amber in color. Definite sour nose, but not overpowering. First sips light up the sides of my tongue. Not too funky, but definitely for the sour lover. The Belma and Simcoe hops lend an earthy-dank-floral taste upfront, like the smell of a wilting rose, and finish cool and smooth, almost honey-dew like; possibly the hüell melon on the end? A deep greenish-purple comes to mind after a few more vigorous sips; almost grassy tastes on the outermost tastebuds, with a juicier flavor more central. A great after dinner palate cleanser.