Beer Review- Nobel Ale Works

We have not one but TWO Noble Aleworks beers reviewed by our very own brewery crew Tyler and Rob! Please also enjoy these glamor shots of them trying the beer in our brewery...

Noble Aleworks Nobility Imperial DIPA 9% No IBUs listed

Nobility is a GABF copper medal winner. No small feat. It pours a sturdy copper with a dense white head. The aroma is immediately maltier than your average West Coast IPA. It harkens back to when IPAs were made with more crystal malt which for these reviewers dims the otherwise massive hop character. Pine, resin, slight grapefruit, and a hint of tropical fruitiness. The flavor delivers an upfront bitterness once again recalling an era of IPA that does not get enough credit these days. We think it would pair well with spicy, medium-rare burger with a side of garlic fries. 

Noble Aleworks Citra Showers IPA  8.8% No IBUs listed

Immediately brighter and more of a tribute to West Coast style IPAs than the Nobility this IPA punches through with brilliant citra hop expressions of tropical fruit like mango and papaya while still hitting up traditional American bitterness to wipe out the remainder of your palate. While a little malt character does worm its way into this beer we suspect the yeast strain to be the major culprit in both beers more than the malts they chose to utilize. We decided a bbq pulled pork sandwich or some bulgogi would make an excellent pairing for this IPA.