Fire Mountain Tasting 9/19


fire Nestled in the rolling hills of Western Oregon, among the winding roads of Carlton, OR, is Fire Mountain Brew House. Amidst the wine country of Oregon, Fire Mountain Brewery is surrounded by natural beauty, a good start for a great ale!

Fire Mountain Brewery took its first breath of fire in September of 2009. After three years of planning, from the initial idea in 2006, and through the pile of paperwork in 2008, and building the brewery in 2009, we have come a long way.

We take exceptional pride in the quality of our brews and boast the finest of ingredients. Our main ingredient of malts, come from around the world (France, Germany, Canada, and UK) and from local Northwest growers. Our hops are the best grown, from Mt. Angel to Yakima in the Northwest, and from Germany and the Czech Republic. With such fine ingredients you can be sure we take our ales seriously.

We are a 15 Barrel brewery, turning out 12 to 15 Barrel batches of handcrafted ales and soon Lagers. We use steam to heat the hot liquor tank "700 hundred gallon water heater" and the brew kettle. Controls for steam are open and close globe valves by hand, no computer to run the system. Every step is manually done, and this allows us to have hands on controlling the process.


Our mash times are longer, as is our sparge time, we want flavors out of the malts that a 60 or 90 minute mash won’t accomplish, and this adds uniqueness to our beers.

We use horizontal and conical fermenters, and ferment on the cooler side. Fermentation takes longer and this adds to the character of our beer.

On the green side, our spent mash is picked up and fed to farm animals and or composted, you can say there are some happy cows in Carlton, OR too! Hops are composted to the garden as well as the spent yeast. The steam that is generated by the boiler comes from burning propane. Like natural gas this is a clean burning fuel and is very efficient. We use biodegradable cleaners only, but mostly recycled hot water - this cuts down on fuel consumption by almost 50%. In doing so, we are proud to do our part for the community and the sustainability of our environment.

The awesomeness comes from all of the people that support our brewery by enjoying the fine line of beers that we make.

-Fire Mountain Brew House



Tasting at Uptown Friday, September 19th from 5pm-8pm