Two Kilts Tasting 9/20


Print Two Kilts Brewing Co. opened in the spring of 2011 with a mix of repurposed stainless steel tanks coming together to make a not so pretty 6 barrel brewery. With limited funds to get started it would have to do, and do it did and very well at that. Brewers and owners Chris Dillon, and Alex Mcgaw agreed on a business theory that to this day has been a perfect approach for them. They said “We aren’t going to worry about anything but the beer. If we take good care of it, it will take care of us.” Three fast years later, they have done that and accomplished a lot.

Chris and Alex both have a substantial background in beer and both are extremely passionate about their craft. They share the same passion for family and tell us their customers are not just friends, and that coming from Irish roots, (Chris) and Scottish roots (Alex) they feel that their customers are family too. This is one of the many reasons the pub feels like home to so many.